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A Complete Yiwu Market Guide

Yiwu International Trade City, Yiwu Market, Yiwu market guide

The “largest small commodity wholesale market” In the world.

Each year more than 570 thousand standard containers have been exported from here. China Small Commodity City is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, was founded in 1982, and now has more than 5.5 million square meters of business area, over 75,000 booths and more than 210,000 passengers daily traffic. It’s an international center of commodities circulation, information, and exhibition. Also it is one of the biggest small commodities export base in world, which is called “The World’s Largest Small Commodity Wholesale Market” in 2005 by the United Nations, the World Bank, Morgan Stanley and other authoritative organization.

Yiwu International Trade City is the primary wholesale market complex in Yiwu, china. There are a number of other large wholesale markets in Yiwu including the Huangyuan Market for clothing, International Production Materials Market, several furniture markets, and others.

Industry Categories: Common Toys, Inflatable Toys, Plush Toys, Electric Toys, Jewelry, Hair Ornament, Jewelry Accessories, Flower Accessories, Decorative Crafts, Festival Crafts, Tourism Crafts, Flower, Ceramic Crystal, Photo Frames.

Yiwu Futian Market Area One

Area One is combined by District A, District B, District C, District D and District E, and have four floors. Area One is the Yiwu Artificial flower market and Yiwu Artificial flower accessories market, Yiwu Toys market, Yiwu Jewelry market and Yiwu Jewelry accessories market, Yiwu Hair Accessories market, Yiwu Arts& Crafts market, Yiwu Photo Frame market, Yiwu Porcelain& Crystal market, Yiwu Souvenirs market. The following is the specific product location:

1st Floor: Artificial flower is in District A and District B; Artificial flower accessories is in District B.; Plush toy and Inflatable toy are in District C.; Electronic toy is in District C and District D; Ordinary toy is in District D and District E.

2nd Floor:  Hair Accessories is in District A, District B and District C; Jewelry is in District C, District D and District E.

3rd Floor: Wedding Arts& Crafts is in District A; Decoration Arts& Crafts is in District A, District B and District D; Porcelain& Crystal is in District D; Travel Arts& Crafts is in District D; Photo Frame is in District D and District E; Jewelry Accessories is in District E.

4th Floor: Artificial Flower is in District A; Jewelry is in District A, District B, District C, District D and District E; Arts& Crafts is in District B, District C, District D and District E.

Industry Categories: Suitcases & Bags, Umbrellas, Auto Accessories, Rainwear & PLOY Bags, Hardware Tools, Hardware & Kitchenware & Bath, Locks, Clocks & Watches, Home Appliance, Electric Instrument, Telecommunication Equipment, Instruments & Meters.

Yiwu Futian Market Area Two

Areas Two is combined by District F and District G and have 5 floors. Area Two is the Yiwu RAIN GEAR market, Yiwu Suitcase& Bag market, Yiwu Hardware& Tools market, Yiwu Lock market, Yiwu Household Electronics market, Yiwu Metal Kitchenware market, Yiwu Watches& Clock market, Yiwu Electronics market, Yiwu Telecommunication’s market, Yiwu Electronic Instruments market. The following is the specific product location:

1st Floor: Poncho, Rain Coat and Umbrella are in District F; Suitcase& Bags are in District F.

2nd Floor: Lock is in District F; Tools is in District F; Hardware is in District F and District G.

3rd Floor: Metal Kitchenware is in District F; Household Electronics is in District F; Telecommunications is in District G; Watches& Clock are in District G; Electronic Instruments is in District G.

4th Floor: Regional product gallery is in District F; Anhui Province product gallery is in District F; Hong Kong product gallery is in District F; Sichuan Province product gallery is in District F; Korea product gallery is in District F; Hardware is in District F to District G; Suitcase& Bags are in District G; Electronics is in District G; Watched& Clock are in District g.

5th Floor: Foreign Trade Institution.

Industry Categories: Buttons, Zippers, Glasses, Cosmetics, Pens & Ink & Paper Articles, Office Supplies & Stationery, Sporting Articles, Sporting Equipment, Material.

Yiwu Futian Market Area Three

Yiwu Futian Market Area Three is include Yiwu stationery market, Yiwu glasses market, Yiwu sports item market, Yiwu office supplies market, Yiwu cosmetics and cosmetic accessory market, Yiwu personal beauty& care market, Yiwu button& zipper market, Yiwu garment accessories market, Yiwu decorative painting and decorative painting accessory market. Following is the specific products location.

1st Floor: All kinds of Pen, ink, paper products and glasses.

2nd Floor: All kinds of stationery, office supplies, sports and leisure items.

3rd Floor: All kinds of cosmetics& cosmetic accessory, personal beauty& care, mirrors and combs, button& zipper and garment accessories.

4th Floor: factories of cosmetics and personal beauty& care, factories of sports and outdoor items, factories of garment accessories.

5th Floor: decorative painting and decorative painting accessory.

Industry Categories: Daily Necessities, Knitting & Cotton Articles (including Bra, Underwear, Scarves, Gloves, Hats and other knitting cotton fabrics), Footwear Cable (including belts), Knitwear(hosiery), Neckties, Towels, Wool, Lace.

Yiwu Futian Market Area Four

Yiwu Futian Market Area Four is include Yiwu socks& leggings market, Yiwu household market, Yiwu hat market, Yiwu glove market, Yiwu knitting wool market, Yiwu tie market, Yiwu shoes market, Yiwu towel market, Yiwu under-ware market, Yiwu scarf market, Yiwu frame& frame accessory market and Yiwu travel center. Following is the specific products location.

1st Floor: All kinds of socks and leggings.

2nd Floor: All kinds of household items, knitted and cotton goods, hats, gloves, earmuffs.

3rd Floor: All kinds of knitting wools, ties, towels, shoes.

4th Floor: All kinds of belts & belt accessory, under-wares, scarfs and leggings.

5th Floor: Yiwu travel center, cloth,shoes, household (ceramic from Chaozhou), frame& frame accessory and paintings.

The newly built up D5 is mainly for imported products, bedding and curtains, fabrics, auto and motorcycle accessories.

Yiwu Futian Market Area Five

Yiwu Futian Market Area Five is include imported food market, health care products market, imported cloth market, Imported arts and crafts market, Africa exhibition center, bedding market, wedding supplies market, wig market, curtain market, knitted raw materials market, automobile market, pet supplies market. Following is the specific products location.

1st Floor: All kinds of imported food, health care products, imported cloth, imported arts and crafts, Africa exhibition center and other imported items.

2nd Floor: All kinds of bedding, wedding supplies and wigs.

3rd Floor: All kinds of curtains, knitted raw materials and wedding supplies.

4th Floor: All kinds of automobile items, motorcycle parts and pet supplies.

More than 4200 Booths, Leather Raw Materials, Lamps, Food Processing Machinery (Hotel Supplies), Hard, Electric Tools, Printing and Packaging Machinery, etc.

International Production Materials Market

1st Floor: Printing & Packing Machine, Industry Electrical Machine, Logistics Equipment, Artificial Flower Accessories

2nd Floor: Food Processing Machine, Printing & Packing Machine, Engine & Generating Equipment, Ribbon Loom & Injection Machine, Measuring Tools & Knife

3rd Floor: Home-decoration Light, Lighting Equipment, Festival Light, Engineering Light, Delicate Home Lightings Area

4th Floor: Leather

It officially started business on May 5, 2011.Meeting the development tendency of internationalizing, branding and diversifying the garment market, Huangyuan garment market is positioned to be a professional garment market.

Huangyuan Garments Market

1st Floor: Trousers Jeans

2nd Floor: Men’s Wear

3rd Floor: Women’s Wear

4th Floor: Pajamas, Sweater, Sports Wear

5th Floor: Children’s Wear

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