Why is the Suitable Chinese manufacturer difficult to find by yourself?

Chinese manufacturer, Yiwu agent

Everyone wants them to get the best price directly from the REAL China manufacturer (not middlemen or agents). In order to obtain higher cost performance, you will search relevant products…

1984 year yiwu market

Yiwu market development Story

Yiwu Fair, Yiwu Market

Yiwu market development story/history At the end of 1984, the second-generation small commodity market in Yiwu opened. · In the late 1970s, Yiwu farmers, who had a long tradition of…


The Advantages of Yiwu Commodity Market

Yiwu Market

Price Advantage Since Yiwu market started early, it has a business army that travels extensively. “Buying national goods and selling national goods ” had once become a loud slogan for…

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How to import products from Yiwu China?

Yiwu Market

About importation: 1.Wholesale purchase, 2.Retail. Yiwu Market is the biggest commodity market all over the world, you can buy any products you want from here. In Yiwu Market, almost the…