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Yiwu Market

Industry Categories:Suitcases & Bags, Umbrellas, Auto Accessories, Rainwear & PLOY Bags, Hardware Tools, Hardware & Kitchenware & Bath, Locks, Clocks & Watches, Home Appliance, Electric Instrument, Telecommunication Equipment, Instruments & Meters.

Yiwu Futian Market Area Two


Area Two is combined by District F and District G and have 5 floors. Area Two is the Yiwu RAIN GEAR market, Yiwu Suitcase&Bag market, Yiwu Hardware&Tools market, Yiwu Lock market, Yiwu Household Electronics market, Yiwu Metal Kitchenware market, Yiwu Watches&Clock market, Yiwu Electronics market, Yiwu Telecommunications market, Yiwu Electronic Instruments market. The following is the specific product location:

1st Floor: Poncho, Rain Coat and Umbrella are in Distric F; Suitcase&Bags are in District F.

2nd Floor:Lock is in District F; Tools is in District F; Hardware is in District F and District G.

3rd Floor: Metal Kitchenware is in District F; Household Electronics is in District F; Telecommunications is in District G; Watches&Clock are in District G; Electronic Instruments is in District G.

4th Floor: Regional product gallery is in District F; Anhui Province product gallery is in District F; Hongkong product gallery is in District F; Sichuan Province product gallery is in District F; Korea product gallery is in District F; Hardware is in District F to District G; Suitcase&Bags are in District G; Electronics is in District G; Watched&Clock are in District g.

5th Floor: Foreign Trade Institution.

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