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Shanghai to Yiwu

How To YiWu

“I would like to have a visit from Shanghai to Yiwu,how can I go there?”

Don’t worry, we have make a complete list below for your reference.

The Most Comfortable–By Private Car

Unionchance company can provide pick up service when you arrive in Shanghai, we will arrange a comfortable car special for you. It only takes 800RMB(around 120USD), will wait for you in airport/station,once you arrive,will pick you up directly to Yiwu market/hotel. Our many customers like to chose this way,if you need please call Deputy Director Mr.Micheal (0086) 579 85096127/15906791672

The Fastest–By Train

Everyday many trains come from Shanghai to Yiwu, we make a simple list below for your reference.

  1. K1511 Departure 04:56 AM–08:31 AM Arrive
  2. K8371 Departure 05:41 AM–10:43 AM Arrive
  3. G7331 Departure 06:13 AM–07:46 AM Arrive
  4. G7333 Departure 06:30 AM–08:05 AM Arrive
  5. G1651 Departure 06:56 AM–08:42 AM Arrive
  6. G2365 Departure 07:12 AM–08:52 AM Arrive
  7. G1341 Departure 07:32 AM–09:07 AM Arrive
  8. G1323 Departure 08:25 AM–10:05 AM Arrive
  9. G7349 Departure 09:10 AM–10:42 AM Arrive
  10. 10.G1349  Departure 10:48 AM–12:31 AM Arrive
  11. 11.K1209  Departure 10:59 AM–14:44 PM Arrive
  12. 12.T77    Departure 11:27 AM–14:51 PM Arrive
  13. 13.T211   Departure 11:41 AM–14:51 PM Arrive
  14. 14.G1387  Departure 12:20 AM–13:55 PM Arrive
  15. 15.G1389  Departure 13:10 AM–14:36 PM Arrive
  16. 16.G1329  Departure 13:42 AM–15:17 PM Arrive
  17. 17.G7347  Departure 14:30 AM–15:59 PM Arrive
  18. 18.K111   Departure 15:05 AM–18:42 PM Arrive
  19. 19.T81    Departure 16:06 AM–19:16 PM Arrive
  20. 20.T381   Departure 16:55 AM–19:59 PM Arrive
  21. 21.K469   Departure 17:20 AM–21:14 PM Arrive
  22. 22.T25    Departure 17:49 AM–21:04 PM Arrive
  23. 23.G1395  Departure 18:28 AM–20:06 PM Arrive
  24. 24.G1227  Departure 19:04 AM–20:49 PM Arrive
  25. 25.G7383  Departure 20:44 AM–22:32 PM Arrive
  26. 26.K8401  Departure 23:30 AM–04:31 AM Arrive(Next morning)

The Economical–By Bus

There are several airport buses directly to Yiwu bus station everyday. When you arrive in Pudong airport, you can go to the arrivals hall 6-7,8-9 to buy the tickets,normally it takes 180RMB.Departure time is 09:00AM, 11:30AM,14:10PM,17:10PM,18:40PM. Any questions you can call:021-68345743

From Yiwu station to Yiwu market/hotel

It takes 30-50 rmb by taxi from Yiwu Airport/Yiwu station to Yiwu market/hotel

according to the time and location.,just for your reference.By the way,Our company can offer free pick up for our customers.If any need welcome to contact Deputy Director Mr.Micheal 0086 15906791672.

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