Due to the global explosion of COVID-19, masks have become a necessity for people. In order to reduce the negative impact of the COVID-19 on the economy and help more people use masks, the company officially decided to export masks on March 20. 

Since we have more than 15 years of export experience and more than 3,000 cooperating factories, the export business of masks is progressing smoothly. As of May 20, we have exported to more than 30 countries. Among them, the most traded countries are Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, Greece, Chile, Canada, Germany, Guatemala, Panama, Poland, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, the United States and other countries. At present, China’s epidemic situation has been well controlled, and productivity has basically returned to normal. We hope we can help more people and hope that the COVID-19 will end soon.





Our main export masks are KN95 and disposable masks

The minimum number of KN95 is 11,000 pieces.

The minimum number of disposable masks is 23,000 pieces.

Product Size:15.5x10CM

2layer-non-woven, 2layer-melt-blown cloth +1layer-cotton cloth

Package:1 Piece/OPP Bag +50 or 20 Pieces/Color box

Qty.: 1000pc/carton

Carton Size : 68x50x28cm

Net weight:9.8 kg



Product Size: 17.3×9.5CM

Material: 3-layer
2-layer-non-woven,1-layer-melt-blown Cloth FILTERING EFFECT 90%

Package:50pc PE Bag+ Color box

Qty.: 2000pc/carton

Carton Size : 51×42.5×47.5cm

Net weight:8 kg

Other masks include :Children’s mask, KN95 with Valve, Cotton masks, etc.

With valve kn95

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Cotton masks

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In addition to masks, we also have protective masks, protective clothes, goggles, snitrile gloves and latex gloves, Infrared thermometer, hand sanitizer, and so on.

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